Dust of Everyday - bandinfo

Masi Kriegs – vocals, additional guitars
Peter Feld – guitars, additional vocals, additional keyboards, programming
Axel Heinrichs – bass, additional vocals
Dustin Feld - keyboards
Mario Reichartz – drums

When it comes to describe the music of Dust Of Everyday we as the involved musicians always have some trouble defining a genre. But as we don’t seem to be the only ones, I guess that’s nothing to be ashamed of. The problem with…well it isn’t exactly a problem, rather a challenge…so the challenge with finding a good description is that no one we know – no band nor solo artist – is doing what we do. And seriously: if you have a band consisting of five different people with five different musical backgrounds, what else would you expect than a pretty diverse debut album? If we were all into Black Metal we would have made a true Black Metal album, just flat out. But we aren’t and so we didn’t…and I did not have to pick a moniker like “Shargnoth” or something like that.

While listening to “Dust Of Everyday” – a name we chose for the first album, just because with all its diversity it does represents the band accurately – you will probably find influences from the genres of alternative rock and metal music as well as from pop, wave and even some acoustic folk moments. In our opinion this is fine and it just makes the disc a brilliant fit for every possible moment: bang your head to "Tomorrow", lose yourself in the groovy soundscapes of "Stranded" or dance a fairy dance to "Queen Of The Night". And still it’s all from one and the same band, even when the music for “Things Inside”, the oldest song on the album, dates back to more than ten years ago when Peter and Axel were members of the CultWave band Lagrimas Del Oscuro. So that one carries a somewhat darker touch than the rest of the songs, but still rocks – and it’s still Dust Of Everyday.

After some line-up and band name changes the year 2008 finally saw the birth of Dust Of Everyday as we know it today, with the exception of our keyboarder Dustin who joined early 2010 just in time to participate in the album’s recording: May/June 2010 we entered the Spacelab Studio to record our debut with the help of engineer/producer Christian “Moschus” Moos – among other things responsible for the massive album sound of The Netherland’s finest epic metal band Delain.
(Who had recommended the studio to us, by the way.)

The result is what you can hear now: it’s solid, it’s good, it rocks and we like it. You should, too! Please… ;-)