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Press of Everyday: DOE @ "Nachtaktiv"-Sampler

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By: Masi

Cologne's oldest newcomer band Dust Of Everyday - right, that's us! - will be featured in the next issues of "Nachtaktiv"-magazine: invisibly, but not inedibly...erm...inaudibly our epos "Requiem" will be part of the compilation going with the print magazine. That means...we have made our SECOND press appearance after the Usinger Anzeiger - yeehah!

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D.O.E. on Portuguese radio

It's been some amount of attention for our happy five-piece recently, both from the print and web media. But since you get to know music the best way by listening we're happy about the news from Portugal.

Concert report: Blue Shell, 5.4.2011

"13", as we all know, is the ucky number for all musicians on the road. So what would be natural than to rock a hellufa night with a total number of 13 rockers. But not enough: one of the involved bands even went by the...

Radio killed the video star ;-)

Hi all, the gig last Saturday was big fun for ourselves and we hope you enjoyed it, too! We will publish a concert review soon, written from our own perspective to give you some "behind the scenes" insight. And don't...

D.O.E. on air! Mexico!

With "Tomorrow" und "Seven Sins" two D.O.E.-songs at once made it into the rotation of Mexican radio station La Pajarraca!